Lately, when I’ve been looking at my TBR pile or browsing through books on Amazon, I keep telling myself: I need to read more funny books. Books that are hilarious on every page, whether that being fiction or non-fiction. So, when I saw this book in a giveaway on Twitter, I took my chance and I won a copy of a proof of the book! I never win anything! And it was signed! This book is funny. It’s hilarious on every page and oozing with charm and a big heart.

So, what’s it about? Here’s the blurb:

Gabby and Emma have been best friends since primary school… Emma has a stable job, a nice home and has just got engaged. Gabby has had a succession of disastrous one-night stands and five awful jobs since drama school… and she has just been diagnosed with scurvy. She has one year until the wedding to pull herself together and prove to her friends and family that she can be a proper grown-up.

Sounds interesting, right? For me, this book is way more than what the blurb offers. Yes, it’s about her best friend getting married and Gabby trying to prove to her friends and family that she can be a grown-up, but it’s more than that. It’s about a young woman who goes on disastrous dates, has jobs that she detests, forms new friendships, etc.

I think one of the main reasons why I really enjoyed this book is because Fernie is from Wales like myself and the locations seemed very familiar to me. Hence the title ‘Lush’, I assume. Fernie’s voice is like you are literally talking to a friend. You can hear her voice, it just bounces off the page. It’s funny, assertive, frank, bold, loud but full of heart, too. There are a lot of quotes in this book that made me laugh out loud, for example:

I like to imagine that I have a balanced diet, but in all honesty it’s a balance between gin, wine and jam roll poly. I am not and never have been a talented cook. Sadly, my culinary skills have never really progressed from the Fisher-Price ‘Laugh & Learn Kitchen’ that I owned at the age of four – the plastic fruit and vegetables handily halved and stuck together with Velcro.

There are some hilarious moments in this book (too many to mention here) but my favourites are when she films Hollyoaks, visiting her grandmother (it reminded me of my own Nan, bold and brash – typical Welsh nannies, eh?) and my ultimate favourite, the Dinner Date scenario. I won’t lie, I am a huge fan of Dinner Date. Usually it’s back-to-back on ITVBe and it’s the perfect show you can just watch but not having to pay close attention to everything at the same time. I’ve always wondered what actually happened when filming the show and this was a great and hilarious insight and all I want to do now is watch Dinner Date on repeat.

This is a quick, easy-read with a real and authentic voice that will make you laugh constantly. I think it’s the perfect book for the commute – a friend travelling alongside you, something that you can just read and enjoy. I’d really recommend this book if you are a fan of Dolly Alderton’s brilliant Everything I Know About Love. It champions female friendships and has the same wit and warmth.

So, cocktail anyone?

Have you read Lush yet? What did you think? Are there any ‘funny’ books that I should read? Let me know in the comments!




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