I love a good memoir. I used to have them for Christmas. Mostly memoirs from my favourite stars growing up: David Walliams, Ant & Dec, Rob Brydon, Jennifer Saunders, Dermot O’Leary. But most of these memoirs were straight-forward in it’s structure. Born – growing up – school – leaving school – career, etc. I think it’s refreshing when a celebrity releases a memoir and goes against the traditional idea of a memoir.

A memoir with some depth and honesty. And that’s exactly what you get with Lily Allen’s new memoir, My Thoughts Exactly. Here’s the blurb:

So, this is me. Lily Allen.
I am a woman.
I am a mother.
I was a wife.
I drink.
I have taken drugs.
I have loved and been let down.
I am a success and a failure.
I am a songwriter.
I am a singer.
I am all these things and more.

When women share their stories, loudly and clearly and honestly, things begin to change – for the better.

This is my story.

I’ve always admired Lily Allen, especially growing up. I would play her music, dance to it, relate to the lyrics and was interested in her story. I was excited when I saw that she was releasing her first book, her memoir, My Thoughts Exactly. I loved the cover as soon as I saw it – I was hooked. I love the bright yellow/lime colour. You’ve probably seen this book everywhere recently. From magazines, the headlines on the newspapers, adverts on buses, or even on television. It’s a story that has struck a chord with many people. And I’m not talking about the big stories that are all over the tabloids, but I think people finally got a chance to hear from Lily herself. Her story. Her own words. Her own thoughts. Her own truth.

What got me really excited to read this was the interview that Lily did in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine a few weeks ago. I think it’s possibly one of the most honest interview I’ve ever read. It’s just brilliantly written and I think it’s a great companion to the book. After finishing the book, I read the interview again and it resonated with me a lot more. Just like the interview, the memoir was in honest and frank.

Like I said, it’s probably one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. Lily Allen is a great and confident writer (which is obvious with her music) and has a wonderful way with words and structure. The way she constructs sentences together is magical. Sometimes, it feels as if you’re not even reading a memoir. It’s as though you are sat on the sofa with a cup of tea talking to Lily about her life.

There were moments in this book that stopped me in my tracks. You could be reading about Lily working on her music, talking about her family and relationships and the next, swipe the rug from your feet. The chapter on Lily losing George is highly emotional. It really made me take a deep breath before carrying on reading. Lily writes about her pain in such a honest and beautiful way. It’s not over-the-top, at all. It’s sensitive and powerful.

In this book, we hear from Lily Allen herself. Away from the headlines and the tabloids, this is her story. She writes so openly and wonderfully. It’s frank, honest and eye-opening. She’s a wonderful writer and writes beautifully that will make you sit up straight with a lump in your throat. This is Lily Allen that we have grown up with as the soundtrack of our years; but also, at the same time, this is the first time we get to hear her own thoughts, her own truth. I also love the design of the book, completely original and relates to Lily’s own personality and style. I also think this would be a great audiobook if you’re a fan of audiobooks, read by Lily Allen herself.

This is Lily Allen at her very best: frank, honest, funny, heartbreaking, powerful and completely and utterly brilliant.

Have you read My Thoughts Exactly? What ddi you think? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you,



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