It’s that time of the year! The nights are darker, the Christmas coffeeshop cups are out, the John Lewis advert is out… of course, Christmas. Started your Christmas shopping? Finished it? Or haven’t even started? Don’t worry,  I’ve decided to do Christmas gift guides to give you inspiration for a Christmas present for your loved ones. 

So, today, it’s the first day of the Christmas gift guides and it’s the first four picks of fiction today to kick things off!

There’s nothing better than a good book at Christmas, is there? Especially fiction. A good, long book with a mug of something nice and warm. Maybe a mince pie, too. Or even some chocolate. It is Christmas, after all. These first four picks of fiction have been some of my favourite reads this year and I think they are the perfect books to gift as presents to your loved ones this Christmas.  Here they are:


  1. Markus Zusak – Bridge of Clay: This is a big book. Seriously, it’s massive. I think it’s the biggest book out of all the gift guides but it’s so worth it. Bridge of Clay is the brand new novel from the author behind the classic, The Book Thief. This is his first book since that massive acclaimed book (ten years!) and it’s a good one and worth the wait. The story is about a boy named Clay and his family of brothers. One day, their father comes back into their lives and asks them to help him build a bridge. Clay agrees to help him and takes him on an extraordinary journey. This is a brilliant book full of wonderful and lyrical writing from Zusak. It’s moving, profound and full of heart. I’m just finishing it now and I’m loving it!
  2. Kate Atkinson – Transcription: Kate Atkinson is one of the UK’s most celebrated authors, but before Transcription, I never read a book from her before. But I really loved Transcription. It’s about an eighteen-year-old woman named Juliet is recruited by MI5 and in the world of espionage. The story goes forward in time where in ten years working for the BBC but her past is about to come back to haunt her. Perfect for fans of Atkinson or fans of espionage! It’s brilliantly British, witty, intense and full of heart too. I can’t recommend this book enough. If you want to read more of my thoughts about this book, you can read my review here.
  3. Graham Norton – A Keeper: A Keeper is Graham Norton’s second novel after his acclaimed HoldingA Keeper, for me, is everything you could want in a good novel. Brilliant characters, a gripping story, beautiful scenery and wonderful writing that is lyrical, rich and tender. We all know Norton from his broadcasting and he is just as warm and brilliant in this novel. Without giving too much away, we follow Elizabeth as she goes back to her family home to sort out her mother’s belongings who died recently. But once there, Elizabeth discovers a letter. A letter that changes everything and takes Elizabeth on a journey of her past, as well as her mother’s. We go back in time as we follow Elizabeth’s mother’s story. It’s brilliantly crafted, tender and full of wit and warmth. A perfect book to get all cosy with, too. If you want to read more of my thoughts about this book, you can read my review here.
  4. Jodi Picoult – A Spark of Light: I read a proof copy of this book and I was blown away by it – it’s that good. Jodi Picoult is another ‘big name’ in literature and books and this one is no exception. A Spark of Light is a story that is set in a women’s reproductive health centre when a protestor walks through with a gun and holding everyone inside hostage. Then, the novel goes back in time by one hour which gives us an insight into the lives and stories of all of these characters. I found it incredibly moving and I was gripped throughout. Picoult is a wonderful writer that really gets to grips with her characters and never afraid to tackle these big and important issues in society. I think this is a book that I’m going to be getting a lot of people this Christmas. If you want to read more of my thoughts about this book, you can read my review here.

And that’s my first four picks of fiction! They are all great reads and each offer something different. I also think these books are perfect for any age, too. I’ve loved reading this books and I think they are the perfect book to cuddle up with on a cold Winter’s night and, of course, make excellent Christmas presents.

Have you found any inspiration in these first four picks? If so, do let me know! I’d love to hear from you! Also, you can follow me on Instagram too (@coreytreads) for more bookish fun! Also, my newsletter will be going out next month and you can sign up here.

Tomorrow, it’s day two of the Christmas gift guides and it’s another four picks of fiction! There were so many good books to chose from but I whittled them down to eight. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you again and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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