It’s that time of the year! The nights are darker, the Christmas coffeeshop cups are out, the John Lewis advert is out… of course, Christmas. Started your Christmas shopping? Finished it? Or haven’t even started? Don’t worry,  I’ve decided to do Christmas gift guides to give you inspiration for a Christmas present for your loved ones. 

Today, it’s time for the first four picks of memoir! I don’t know about you but I love a good memoir for Christmas. There’s always a good mix of celebrities with stories to tell at Christmas, which I think, make perfect Christmas presents. Know someone who loves non-fiction, their favourite celebrity have their autobiography out? Then, a memoir is a perfect choice. I think these four are a good mix and I think going to be bestselling memoirs this Christmas. Here they are:


  1. Michelle Obama – Becoming: This is a big one! Former First Lady Michelle Obama has just released her memoir, Becoming. This is a book that’s having a moment, well, more of a moment. It’s *the* book right now. I’m currently reading it at the moment and it’s just spectacular. I love a good memoir where it feels as if you are just having a conversation with the author. Michelle Obama takes us through her childhood home, to the famous White House, and reveals her story on her becoming – who she really is, in her own words. This is a must-have memoir for Christmas.
  2. Eric Idle – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life: The Monty Python star, Eric Idle, is revealing his story in his new autobiography. I love how this book is called ‘a sortabiography’ and this ‘sortabiography’ takes us throughout his childhood and his career. I think this is going to be a present that I’m going to get my dad for this Christmas and I’m sure that Eric Idle will have a few good names to drop throughout the book, too…
  3. Lily Allen – My Thoughts Exactly: Singer, musician, writer, Lily Allen reveals all in her breathtaking memoir, My Thoughts Exactly. I’ve read this book recently and I was completely floored by it. Her writing is honest, raw, emotional and it really makes you sit up and think, a lot. But I think this is more of a memoir. Lily writes about being a woman in the music industry in a true and honest way and also writes about grief in the most breathtaking way. This has been a bestseller and for a good reason. Another must-have memoir for this Christmas. If you want to read more of my thoughts about this book, you can read my review here.
  4. Sue Perkins – East of Croydon: Presenter and comedian, Sue Perkins, is back on her travels in her new memoir, East of Croydon. I’m excited for this book, myself, as it just sounds hilarious. Scared of flying, not good with practical skills, not good with boats, and a lot more… how can she cope? This is more of a travel book but throughout her book, just like her first one, Spectacles, Sue links this all back to her life and her childhood. This sounds like a hilarious and entertaining read for this Christmas. And also, I’m a bit obsessed with that cover!

And that’s it for the first four picks of memoir in the Christmas gift guides! I think there’s some great memoirs in the mix and there’s some more great ones in tomorrow’s gift guide too! Found any inspiration for your loved ones (or yourself) for a Christmas present in there? If so, I’d love to know!

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I hope you found some good picks there and I’ll see you again tomorrow at 6pm (UK time!) for some more picks in memoir!

Thank you,



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