It’s that time of the year! The nights are darker, the Christmas coffeeshop cups are out, the John Lewis advert is out… of course, Christmas. Started your Christmas shopping? Finished it? Or haven’t even started? Don’t worry,  I’ve decided to do Christmas gift guides to give you inspiration for a Christmas present for your loved ones. 

Today, it’s four more picks for non-fiction! Like yesterday, there are some great books in this mix and some I’m very excited about and on my own Christmas list. As I said yesterday, a non-fiction book is great for a Christmas present and I hope these will give you some inspiration. Today, we have:


  1. Victoria Magrath – The New Fashion Rules: This just screams the perfect Christmas present, I think. Blogger, YouTuber and fashion guru, Victoria Magrath (aka InTheFrow) has just released her first book all about fashion and the new rules to go with it. This is a beautiful book that’s perfect for a coffee table with gorgeous imagery but also a brilliant book for someone who loves fashion. Know someone studying fashion? I think this would make a great gift for them this Christmas.
  2. Fearne Cotton: Quiet: I love Fearne Cotton and I just love her books. I usually think these books are a waste of time and not any use but when I read and wrote in Fearne’s book, Happy, it helped me a great lot. Fearne’s books are accessible, welcoming and incredibly helpful with emotive and brilliant witty writing but also some gorgeous illustrations from Fearne herself. Quiet is her latest book and I think it’s pretty apt in timing, don’t you? In this busy and frantic world, it’s good to have some quiet in our lives and calm down a bit, isn’t it? I can’t wait to have this book, especially going into the new year. This book isn’t out yet – it’s out on the 13th December!
  3. Ryder Carroll: The Bullet Journal Method: This one excites me. I’ve never took part in bullet journaling but it’s always fascinated me for some reason. And this is a brilliant book, from the creator of the bullet journal method himself! I think this is a fab Christmas present for someone as they can use this at the start of the new year! I also think if you get them this with a journal and a nice pen, it makes the perfect Christmas present and that more special.
  4. Yuval Noah Harari: 21 Lessons For the 21st Century: This is the latest book from best-selling author, Yuval Noah Harari. His previous books, Homo Deus and Sapiens have been best-sellers and are still prominent today. In this new book, Harari answers the biggest questions in today’s society. And a big question that he asks is: are we still capable of understanding the world we have created? I think this will be a big bestseller this Christmas – it would make the perfect present for people who love politics, history and a fan of his previous books to add to their collection.

And that’s it for non-fiction! I think a non-fiction book is a great Christmas present for your loved ones. Someone interested in fashion? In politics? Or do you think someone needs to calm down and take a step back? What about the bullet journal book? Or gift them Quiet by Fearne Cotton to take a deep breath and know they are good enough. I also think most of these non-fiction picks are a great way to kickstart the new year. If you did find some inspiration in here, do let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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Tomorrow, it’s another gift guide and this time, it’s all about sport.  So, I’ll see you tomorrow – at 6pm!


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