It’s that time of the year! The nights are darker, the Christmas coffeeshop cups are out, the John Lewis advert is out… of course, Christmas. Started your Christmas shopping? Finished it? Or haven’t even started? Don’t worry,  I’ve decided to do Christmas gift guides to give you inspiration for a Christmas present for your loved ones. 

Today, it’s time for another gift guide and today it’s all about sport! I’ll be honest, I’m clueless when it comes to sport and I found this gift guide the hardest to compile together but I hope there’s some great books in the mix for you. A sport-themed book is a great present for people for Christmas and this year I’ve noticed there are a lot of cycling-themed books out there! Anyway, today, we have:


  1. Sir Chris Hoy: How To Ride A Bike: This looks like a great Christmas present for any cycling fanatic! This is a manual, on you guessed it, how to ride a bike. It’s a manual for all ages with all experience and abilities. The book features diet tips and tricks, the actual psychology of cycling, how to look after your bike, and will feature stories from Sir Chris himself. Like I said, a perfect Christmas present and I’ve already got this in mind for someone for Christmas.
  2. Geraint Thomas: The Tour According to G: Another book about cycling and I think one that’s going to be the bestseller this Christmas. This is Geraint Thomas’ story where he won the infamous yellow jersey. I’ve seen a lot of praise for this book on social media and he was brilliant on the Graham Norton Show. An insightful read about his extraordinary year makes a must-have for any cycling fan.
  3. Peter Crouch: How To Be A Footballer: A change from cycling now and we have this hilarious book from footballer, Peter Crouch. Again, this is another book that’s been incredibly popular and have been recently nominated in the National Book Awards. This isn’t just a memoir, this is his story about how he became a footballer with brilliant and funny anecdotes and I’m sure this will be under the tree this year for a lot of people.
  4. Peter Sagan: My World: Oops, we’re back to cycling! I told you there were a lot of cycling books… this is Sagan’s autobiography and he gives you an insight into his world. From training and to the huge expectations he faces, this sounds like a great read and a great Christmas present!

And that’s it for sport! Like I said, not my finest area but I think these will be some of the big sport books for Christmas presents this year. And, of course, a lot of cycling books! But it’s been a busy year for cycling from what I gather. As always, I hope you found some inspiration for some Christmas presents for your loved ones, if you did, do let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Tomorrow, is another favourite of mine – children’s books! I’m very excited with this gift guide as I think there are some cracking books in the mix. Have you signed up to my newsletter? The first one will be going out next week! You can sign up, just using your email, here.

See you tomorrow at 6pm for the gift guide for children’s books!

Thank you,


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