It’s that time of the year! The nights are darker, the Christmas coffeeshop cups are out, the John Lewis advert is out… of course, Christmas. Started your Christmas shopping? Finished it? Or haven’t even started? Don’t worry,  I’ve decided to do Christmas gift guides to give you inspiration for a Christmas present for your loved ones. 

Today, it’s the last of the gift guides! I can’t believe it’s over already as I’ve really enjoyed compiling these guides together for Christmas. When I first started this blog back in April, it was always my aim to do these gift guides and I’m so happy I have. These past twelve days, there have been some amazing books in the gift guides that I just had to share with you all as I think they are the perfect Christmas presents for your loved ones – or yourself – this Christmas.

Anyway, in the final gift guide, it’s a bit of a niche one but a good one, too, I think. It’s Doctor Who books! I thought with the new series with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, there is a great buzz around the series and perhaps your loved ones are massive Doctor Who fans but you don’t know what to get them? Or, like me, you just want to scream about the best Doctor Who books on the market! So, today, we have:


  1. Richard Atkinson, Mike Tucker, Gavin Rymill: Tardis: Type 40 Instruction Manual: This is a perfect Christmas present for any Doctor Who fan! This book is a great insight all about the TARDIS. It’s basically a history of the TARDIS – from it’s appeareances (inside and out) with case studies from the adventures it has been on throughout time and space. This is also beautifully illustrated and a must-have for any Doctor Who fanatic this Christmas.
  2. Christel Dee & Simon Guerrier: The Woman Who Lived: This is another beautiful Christmas present for any Doctor Who fan. All throughout the history of Doctor Who, women have been at the centre of it all. From Queens, historical figures, teachers, canteen workers, scientists, even the Doctor herself. This is a book that celebrates all of the women in Doctor Who with wonderful stories with beautiful illustrations from all-female artists. Any Doctor Who fan would love this for Christmas this year, I’m sure.
  3. Doctor Who Official Annual 2019: What’s Christmas without an annual? Especially a Doctor Who annual! I’ve always loved having these annuals for Christmas and this year, with a new Doctor and team, this is no exception! But this annual has a difference. Throughout, you have to help find the Doctor who’s missing with puzzles, games and more. This seems like a great and fun Christmas present for all the Doctor’s in your lives!
  4. Doctor Who novels: I’ve included all three of these novels together because I couldn’t do with one without the others, could I? Again, like the annual, I’ve always loved the Doctor Who novels and with a new Doctor and companions, we have three new novels to enjoy too! We have Juno Dawson with The Good Doctor; Molten Heart by Una McCormack and Combat Magicks by Steve Cole. I’m so excited to read these novels myself (I’ll review them on here when I have!) as they are a great companion to the series and gives us all a chance to catch-up with the Doctor and co, after the series finishes!

And that’s it! I hope there are some books in there that will give you some inspiration this Christmas! With me, when there’s a new Doctor and new companions, I just want to collect all of the merchandise! Especially after a brilliant Doctor like Jodie Whittaker at the helm!

And, also, that’s the last of my gift guides! Books make the perfect Christmas present for anyone and throughout these twelve gift guides, I hope there was something there that sparked some inspiration for your loved one this Christmas! Started your Christmas shopping? Have nowhere to start? Don’t worry, you can look at all of the gift guides now over on my blog! I hope you have a wonderful bookish Christmas! Also, other than a book, what about something else? Someone you know a fan of audiobooks? Why not an Audible gift card? Or a bookshop gift card too? There’s also some great literary gifts such as tote bags, candles, and lot’s more for your book-obsessed family and friends!

Coming up on the blog, I have a few more reviews left of the year left to post and I’ll also be sharing my books of the year too so watch out for that!

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Also, I really loved doing these gift guides and want to do them again next year. I was just wondering if there was any feedback? Anything you really liked you want to see again? Anything you want to see more of next time? Do let me know!

Remember, if you did find some inspiration – do let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you,


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