It’s an exciting book review today! All about the brilliant new book by Sara Pascoe: Sex, Power, Money.

I’m in a bit of a non-fiction mood at the moment and I’m really enjoying reading different books about a different range of topics/subject matters and this is no exception. So, what is Sex, Power, Money about? Here’s the blurb:

Deciding to confront her fear of the male libido, Sara Pascoe turns her attention to the things that really matter to humans, delving into such questions as:

SEX: Why don’t people care about the welfare of the people they masturbate to?

POWER: Why is there such stigma around those who work in the sex industry?

MONEY: Why do some women still want men to buy them dinner?

In this comedic and educational hopscotch over anatomy, the history of sexual representation, and the sticky way all human interactions are underwritten by wealth, Pascoe explores whether we’ll ever be able to explore the Conundrum of Heterosexuality. Sex Power Money is thought-provoking and riotously funny: a fresh take on the oldest discussion.

Sounds interesting, right? I find the issues in this book fascinating and was so excited when I first saw this book was being released. And also with Foyles, they give a free totebag with a signed copy and I’m one never to refuse a tote bag!

I loved this book. It was educational – I learned so much and it’s a book that makes you think, opens up discussions and more. But with Sara being a comedian, it’s hard not to laugh out loud when reading. I couldn’t stop myself laughing out loud when reading – seriously, I’m still laughing. I loved this approach to what can be quite at times, boring topic but Pascoe gives it a new fresh take that feels modern and “fresh”.

Pascoe is a wonderful writer and I loved her voice throughout. I think it would be a great audiobook if they are your bag. Pascoe writes with humour, wit and warmth and that comes across right through to the end. It feels as if she’s your best friend giving you a lecture and you’re running out of paper because of all the doodles notes you’re making… Pascoe tackles: biology, evolution, sexual representation, masculinity, penis size (yep!), porn and it’s influence and sex work, among others.

If you’re looking for a new non-fiction read and want to know more or are interested in these topics, I can’t reccomend this book enough. You will learn a lot but laugh a lot, too. Learning and laughing. What more can you ask for in a good book? In the bestseller lists, this is one not to be missed.

Also, to go alongside the book, Sara is doing a podcast, under the same name of the book, which is a great companion to the book. Every interview, conversation is wonderful and so fascinating and they’re long episodes too so they cover a lot of ground. A wonderful companion to the book!

Bring on the next book, with the matching tote bag, of course.

Have you read Sex Power Money?  What did you think of it? Also: any non-fiction recommendations?! Let me know in the comments!

Thank you,


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