Today, it’s another book review and this time, it’s a thriller from bestselling author, C.L. Taylor with her latest novel, Sleep, which has just been published in paperback.

I’ve had my eyes on this novel for quite some time but never actually got round to reading it but I then won this in a giveaway from Readers First and I started it straight away! But first, what’s it all about? Here’s the blurb:

Seven guests. Seven secrets. One killer. Do you dare to SLEEP?

All Anna wants is to be able to sleep. But crushing insomnia, terrifying night terrors and memories of that terrible night are making it impossible. If only she didn’t feel so guilty…

To escape her past, Anna takes a job at a hotel on the remote Scottish island of Rum, but when seven guests join her, what started as a retreat from the world turns into a deadly nightmare.

Each of the guests have a secret, but one of them is lying – about who they are and why they’re on the island. There’s a murderer staying in the Bay View hotel. And they’ve set their sights on Anna.

Seven strangers. Seven secrets. One deadly lie.

Sounds good, right?! This is a perfect thriller and page turner of a read, especially at this time of the year as the nights are getting darker early, the rain hitting the windows, a cup of something warm and a good book, of course. But I didn’t read this book like that, in fact, I read this in one coach journey to London from start to finish. I haven’t done that before on a coach but it’s that sort of book that grips you and gives you that addictive feeling of wanting to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. And that’s what I love in a thriller. I love short, sharp chapters that grab my attention and doesn’t waddle on, just straight into the action and a twisty plot.

This is also my first novel from Taylor but she’s a brilliant writer. There is a lot, a lot, of beautiful writing in this novel. It is sharp, controlled, cleverly plotted and so much more. The first couple of chapters really sets up the atmosphere of the book and it will make you gasp out loud as it’s so good. This reads like an Agatha Christie mystery – an isolated hotel on a remote Scottish Island with an ensemble of characters who all have their secrets with murder, deception, manipulation all in play. I also loved the setting of the novel as it created an atmosphere all of it’s own – like a character itself in the play.

The characters are brilliantly crafted in this novel and all have their own individual secrets and pain and over the course of the novel, they all come to the surface. These characters are a great ensemble that makes you keep guessing who the murderer actually is… I worked it out but unlike some novels, that didn’t ruin it for me at all. It added to my reading experience, in fact. It’s a great story that expands and expands and really beautifully written which I loved. I also loved the Shakespearean references all to do with sleep, such as Hamlet and Macbeth. As soon as I finished the novel, I gave it to my partner Ryan and he’s already loving it and said it’s already his favourite read of the year!

Overall, this was a great book that I raced through and the definition of a page-turner! It will make you think, make you gasp, make you frustrated, make you wary of everyone… this is a great book for this time of the year, but do you dare to sleep?

Sleep is now out in paperback, published by Avon Books. A big thank you to Readers First for my copy! I can’t wait for the next one!

Have you read Sleep? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you,


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