Today, I am back with a new book review and this time it’s the debut novel from Daisy Buchanan, Insatiable. I read this as part of a read-a-long and my copy was kindly gifted.

Today, I am back with a new review and this time it’s all about Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan. But first, what is it about? Here is the synopsis:

Stuck in a dead-end job, broken-hearted, broke and estranged from her best friend: Violet’s life is nothing like she thought it would be. She wants more – better friends, better sex, a better job – and she wants it now. 

So, when Lottie – who looks like the woman Violet wants to be when she grows up – offers Violet the chance to join her exciting start-up, she bites. Only it soon becomes clear that Lottie and her husband Simon are not only inviting Violet into their company, they are also inviting her into their lives.

Seduced by their townhouse, their expensive candles and their Friday-night sex parties, Violet cannot tear herself away from Lottie, Simon or their friends. But is this really the more Violet yearns for? Will it grant her the satisfaction she is so desperately seeking?

Insatiable┬áis about women and desire – lust, longing and the need to be loved. It is a story about being unable to tell whether you are running towards your future or simply running away from your past. The result is at once tender and sad, funny and hopeful.

Sounds good, right? I had my eye on this book for a while – especially with that striking orange cover! As soon as it arrived, I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down. It’s the type of book that is perfect for a weekend read. One thing I took away from reading the book was that I enjoyed that there was a full-on story and plot within the novel as these sort of novels, where we focus on one character, it tends to be all about the character and not enough story but there is plenty of story in this book and it’s really fleshed out overall.

The writing is sharp and straight to the point and like I said, a great book to read over the weekend or even one sitting. I loved it’s exploration of sex, desire, sexuality, lust and that longing to be loved, and more. The sex scenes are brilliantly written but it’s more than a book about sex, it has great empathy and I really loved following Violet’s journey.

I really enjoyed reading this novel but I would have liked to have more characterisation from some of the characters as they started to blend into one but that’s just me being picky as I did enjoy reading it overall and I found the ending to be satisfying too, albeit a little bit rushed.

If you’re looking for a great new read to read, look no further. I think this book ticks a lot of boxes and I can’t wait to see what Daisy writes next. I’m also a big fan of her You’re Booked! podcast, too. Insatiable is published now! Again, a big thank you to the publishers/Tandem for my copy!

Have you read Insatiable? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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